Our Building Process

Our 10-Step Path To Ownership Guides You Through The Entire Building Process.

Step 1

Obtain Financing

A pre-approval letter from a bank of your choice is required if you plan to obtain a mortgage. If paying cash, a letter from a bank or other recognized financial institution providing proof of funds is necessary.

Step 2

Write a Purchase Agreement

Once you’ve narrowed down your floor plan and home site of choice, you are ready to sign the purchase agreement!

Step 3

Conduct Options Selections Meeting

Within 25 days of signing the purchase contract, you will meet with our interior design team to conduct a selections meeting in which you will be making final finish selections for your new home.

Step 4

Pre-Construction Phase

During this phase, Epcon & Clarity Construction will finalize your floor plan and apply for a building permit.

Step 5

Construction Begins!*

The shovel hits the dirt and your home is officially under construction! The construction site can be hazardous at times, we ask that you only visit the site when accompanied by your New Home Specialist and by appointment only.

*Allowed 2 site visits

Step 6

Set Closing Date

Your New Home Specialist will keep you up to date throughout the construction process and will provide you with a closing date as soon as reasonably possible. Once your closing date is set, it is time to consult with your lender (if applicable) about locking in your interest rate and setting up the meeting for closing.

Step 7

Quality Inspection

Your home will go through a thorough inspection by our Head of Construction. Our goal is to present you with a quality-built home at the time of your walk through.

Step 8

Welcome Home Walk Through

Welcome Home! At this walk through your New Home Specialist and Superintendent will introduce you to your new home and familiarize you with items such as your HVAC system, appliances, and any other items as needed. Yes, its pretty exciting!

Step 9

Prepare For Closing

It’s almost time! Now is the time to get your utilities/accounts such as gas, electric, and water set up with your new address. You will also want to visit the local post office to get your mailbox number and key.

Step 10


You made it! It’s all yours now! Enjoy your brand new Epcon home! Life improvement is here, Congratulations!

Ready To Get Started?

Shopping for a new home is fun and exciting. Let us help you find the perfect move-in ready home, community, or floor plan to build that fits all of your wants and needs.